Reel to Reel Art Car?

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Reel to Reel Art Car?

Postby ByzantiumBoy » 3 years ago


I'm a virgin who is attending for the first time this year. At another event in the summer of 2011, I spoke with a Russian friend who was with the Reel to Reel Art Car. We shared some great conversations, and I was hopping to reconnect before this year's burn.

Does anyone know how to contact the people behind the Reel to Reel Art Car?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Re: Reel to Reel Art Car?

Postby tattoogoddess » 3 years ago

I do but not sure if I can give that info out. Have you contacted DMV? They have the same info I do.
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Re: Reel to Reel Art Car?

Postby Savannah » 3 years ago

ByzantiumBoy, I understand TG's hesitance (passing along a message is better than giving out contact info) . . . but luckily, they didn't mind being Googled when I tried the keywords reel to reel mutant vehicle. Under those specific circumstances, they might pass your message to the right person.

It doesn't look like they're bringing the vehicle back, but they have a "Contact Us" link, some names, some photos across the the top with first names and last initials; that's a start. Good luck!
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