New requiement for porta pot contract

Talk about your camp or project's LNT plans (and MOOP problems) here. Discuss cleanup tips. Ask questions or share ideas on what works and what doesn't.
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Ok kids, sit down and listen up!

Post by robbidobbs » Tue Sep 16, 2003 12:17 pm

My name is RobbiDobbs and I am the Chief Poopervisor of the Pottie Project. I am listening.
Roundfoot: you are quickly learning the ways of the Playa, grasshopper. Be aware that rules change, often without notice. There are indeed adequate toilet facilities for the four-wheelers. There is one Big-Blue-Box on every cluster. There are 12+ clusters, plus assorted pairs around center camp. All pottie clusters are on the 3rd street from Esplanade (this year was on Dogma). If you want to make your excremental experience more participatory, and reduce your dependence upon your holding tank, then I recommend that you plan to camp somewhere along this road.

Also, as Chief Poopervisor, I can safely say that there should be NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER with you rolling up to the nearest cluster when you need to piddle, and asking to be allowed to jump into the Big Box. They are comfy, they are clean, and this is a community DAMNIT! Just ask and you will receive all the love you deserve. If anyone gives you any shit, just stare at them. Someone will whomp the fucker upside the head... like me.

Aggro? This city was built on aggro. Just ask Dan of the DPW. You might share the same shoe size.

I STRONGLY encourage you, Roundfoot, and anyone else who gives a shit about the Temples of Excremeditation, that you join

RobbiDobbs clear

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Post by III » Tue Sep 16, 2003 1:00 pm

i'll also point out that part of my criticism in the original post was due to the fact that the trhead was created in an improper area. it has since moved, changing the context of my initial response.

i recognize that people in wheelchairs have greater obstacles to overcome than those not so confined. that doesn't change the requirement that you both be prepared, and be capable of dealing with unforseen circumstances out there.

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