Showcase your artistic talent!

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Showcase your artistic talent!

Postby Ding » Thu May 30, 2013 9:26 am

Artists needed to assist in painting world's largest interactive kaleidoscope !

The EL-UV Collider is a 16′ diameter octagon shaped structure consisting of eight, 6.5′ square canvas walls. This structure will surround the interactive Levitation Kaleidoscope. The inside and outside canvas walls of the structure will be primed for painting.

Seven to eight artists are needed, each of whom will paint an interior canvas wall using UV paint (paint and brushes provided.) Interior walls will be lit using black lights at night. Early arrival artists are preferred, but Monday arrival is acceptable, so that most interior walls are completed prior to the opening of B-man.

The exterior canvas walls will be painted by all Burners who would like to participate during B-man. Graff artists are welcome, but will need to provide their own spray paint.

We designed this art Project to showcase the interactive talents of the artists who will be painting the kaleidoscope walls ! Please join us ! And please contact me if you are interested in painting an interior canvas wall.

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