Hello From No Town (Reno)/NYC

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Hello From No Town (Reno)/NYC

Postby Shaqaclause34 » 3 years ago

We have a group of about 20 currently, half the crew is from NY, other half from Reno...EVERYONE is a virgin (newbie) however you'd like to say it, were all doing this together for the first time. Were thinking of setting up G Suite (camp name) at 7 pm. Right now were planning on buying a Trailer, a 31 ft Playa Dome and adding some Monkey Huts...(too much or too little - no clue). Anyways, look forward to meeting everyone there, newbies or not. :)

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Re: Hello From No Town (Reno)/NYC

Postby Savannah » 3 years ago

20 virgins! :D Awesome. My first year was a group of 20. It was a pleasant number . . .

If you've got 20 people, a dome and a couple of monkey huts are not too much (in my opinion). Domes feel more open and social, monkey huts have a narrower view of the outside world and are good to retreat to with fewer people. It'll be nice (and sanity-preserving) to have options. Just stake everything down extra well. We've had uncommonly good weather the last few years, but the wind can be merciless.


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Re: Hello From No Town (Reno)/NYC

Postby lucky420 » 3 years ago

Hola and hello...
Oh my god, it's HUGE!

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Re: Hello From No Town (Reno)/NYC

Postby dragonpilot » 3 years ago

20 virgins at G and 7:00? Thanks for the warning notification.
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Re: Hello From No Town (Reno)/NYC

Postby Aurelia » 3 years ago

Hey you are from NYC so it can be absorbed
ready for it all
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Re: Hello From No Town (Reno)/NYC

Postby Elderberry » 3 years ago

Hey there, welcome to eplaya!

(And it can never be too much)
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Re: Hello From No Town (Reno)/NYC

Postby susieclue » 3 years ago

Welcome to the greatest adventure of your life so far. If you need mentoring, let me know. I
'm local, a 14 year playa vet, and run a themecamp. There's no need to reinvent the wheel.

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