solar panel connectors MC1

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solar panel connectors MC1

Postby hippyDdoc » Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:04 am

working on reducing running the ginny, besides she a noisy bitch so I look to the sunshine that fills my life...

Ok I am looking for help,
1) I am using two 24v panels (75W each). The panels have MC Solarline 1 connectors.
2) I have a 350W Controller to protect the batteries. will take 24v input from panels
3) I am planning to use two 12V deep cycle batteries with each battery connected to a seperate 400W inverter used to power about 400W in camp lights.

How should I connect this mess.
A) The Solar panels have a (M) positive and a (F) negitive MC connectors. Do I connect MC connectors in series and then to the controller or do I get a adapter to connect in parallel then connect to the controller... is having two solar panels overkill
B) The controller has only one battery output, should I connect to a battery that are connected together in parallel
C) Daytime use will be using the famous FIgjam swamp bucket to the battery.
D) Nighttime use will be AC via 400w inverters connected to 12 deep cycle batteries.


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Re: solar panel connectors MC1

Postby some seeing eye » Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:40 am

400W for lighting sounds high, are you using all LED? 400W would be 80 strings of LED Christmas lights.

There are many solar inverter and battery threads on ePlaya.
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Re: solar panel connectors MC1

Postby Dork » Mon Jun 24, 2013 4:51 am

Connect the panels in parallel into the controller. Connect the batteries in parallel.

It's not the wattage of the controller that matters - it's the maximum voltage it can handle (should be rated for 24v nominal panels) and the maximum amperage it can handle, which for your setup is around 6 amps.

Do I read you right that you have multiple inverters and 12 batteries connected in parallel? If so then 2 small panels is definitely not overkill...

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