Fundraiser: POSIWID: Seattle PIG ROAST 6/29

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Fundraiser: POSIWID: Seattle PIG ROAST 6/29

Postby ftl_speed » Wed Jun 26, 2013 5:28 pm

SeaCORE, Seattle's' regional large scale community art piece with a newbie-centric ideal, is having a Pig Roast!

Yessiree, Everyone:

A WHOLE PIG is earmarked for a jolly, carnivorous crowd of a 100 of us. So join in THIS WEEKEND for a day-long feast and help SeaCORE bring the Seattle Regional Effigy, POSIWID, to CriticaLand & BRC!


- FB Event here: (Fundraiser Feast for the Seattle CORE Project)
- Tickets here: (Ticket includes all-you-can-eat pork and sides (but not drinks). $5 off each ticket if buying 3 or more.)
- WHEN: 6/29, 1-9pm; come whenever in between.
- WHERE: Ranch Peach Fuzz - 6226 25th Ave NE, Ravenna
- Silent Auction FTW!
- Want to busk/volunteer/radically participate? Don't wait - contact us and get involved!

*SeaCORE (your Seattle Chapter of Regional Effigies) is a community arts organization representing the Pacific NW on the Playa. Our last year's installation "Tendrillar Woods" was a huge success, and we're at it again, building "POSIWID". Join the effort here: project

---Full Version---

Is Piglet going down? Heck yeah! It shall be sacrificed at this fundraiser in honor of our supporters - YOU! - (and a bit in ours, too) by those very SeaCOREsters who, for some odd reason, build, bring and burn a Seattle Regional Effigy for all to enjoy on the Playa, year after year. Yet this time, this hardcore endeavor is fully self-funded, and we need your help christening this special occasion and seeing "POSIWID", our local community art project, through. For, like a phoenix, it shall rise from the ashes of this one unforgettably fine pig roast... to go up in flames in due time.


Do you fancy ze pork? Most metrosexual gents and dames do. Thus our finest - for you! We shall be serving a plethora of decadent sides to complement the richest whole pig this side of the world has ever seen. MMM...yes! Indubitably so!! And please do so feel inclined to invite the best of your kind to join SeaCORE* and indulge in this delicious feast. Toodle-oo!


SSSuuuuWEEET! Here piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy! Ya'll down fer a good ol' pig pickin'? Let’s kick up some sticks and char that porker right! SO truck on down to Ravenna for some hootin' 'n' hollern' 'n' backyard grillin'. It’ll be be like the good ol' days with granny sittin' on the front porch, smokin' a pipe, pickin' her tooth, spittin' at pa! Shoowee, the good ol' days... Come on hungry and git yer fillin'!


- Nekkid maypole dancing not a precluded possibility…
- Vegetarians/Vegans are encouraged to set up an action booth onsite, with paid admission. BYOT = bring your own tofu, lovely diehard hippies!
- Suggested costume theme: Winsome lads in leather chaps, dainty lasses in seen-through dresses! Hillbilly/carnie/Kentucky derby/pig tails (the more the merrier)/Southern.


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Re: Fundraiser: POSIWID: Seattle PIG ROAST 6/29

Postby Captain Goddammit » Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:52 pm

The ticket link doesn't work... and I wanna go!!
Edit: link duddn't work but I found it.
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