Duped at burning man ticket booth

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Duped at burning man ticket booth

Postby MMc » 13 years ago

Just looking for suggestions/someone with similar situation:
I bought my ticket for 280$ at the ticket booth on the playa. I payed partially in cash and partially on my debit card (240$ cash and 40$ on debit). When I got my statement, they had charged me the full 280$ on my debit card. So I ended up paying 520$ for my ticket (plus overdraft fees). Does anyone know who to contact about this oversight? Any suggestions on how to retrieve my money?

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Postby precipitate » 13 years ago

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Postby Badger » 13 years ago

'Duped' suggests willful intent. I suspect that's not the case. Anyway take the above advice and i'm sure the problem will be taken care of.
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