LED Strips into blinkers?

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uncle sticky
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LED Strips into blinkers?

Postby uncle sticky » 3 years ago

I bought some great LED strip lights, white only, that run on 12 volt. Score! However, I want them to blink, and the only controller I can find is a color changer. Anybody know where I can find a controller that will let me strobe these single color strips?
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Re: LED Strips into blinkers?

Postby drop_bear » 3 years ago

If your electronics skills aren't up to building something with a 555 timer chip and a transistor or relay to drive the LEDs, I'd suggest going to a car parts store and asking there. Electronics are my thing, not cars, but I think you'd be safe with any "LED-compatible" flasher module. And it will be easier and more durable than building something from scratch anyways.

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