Any pics inside or near the Mir project on Friday??

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Any pics inside or near the Mir project on Friday??

Postby fresh » Wed Oct 30, 2013 7:46 am

You could greatly help out this guy, one of the artist of the Cradle of Mir. This was posted on Facebook yesterday.... Помогите Саше Миронову!

Alexander Mironov - the author of Cradle of MIR, was jailed in Los Angeles. He is one of the suspects in the crime he didn't commit! In order to prove his innocence, we need PHOTOS. Your photos!

If you have a photo that was taken on Friday, August 30, the day of "Cradle of Mir" burn, that has Alex on it PLEASE send it to us as soon as you can! This will serve as evidence for where he was at that moment. We need the originals, with the date the file was created, so it is clear when the photo was taken. The photos should be dated August 30, 2013.

Please email your photo to: mironov.ram @

Help us, PLEASE, this is VERY IMPORTANT!!

Share please, it will be very helpful to Alex. Like is not enough now!

share please, это очень поможет Саше!

Just wanted to pass along in case someone out there can truly help this guy. Here is their page on FB with pics of him: ... 042&type=1

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